Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mundine Cenverts To Islam

Anthony Mundine

(born 21 May 1975) is an Australian professional boxer[1] and former rugby league player. He is a former interim WBA Light Middleweight Champion boxer, two-time WBA Super Middleweight Champion, IBO Middleweight Champion and a New South Wales State of Origin representative footballer. Before his move to boxing he was the highest paid player in the NRL.[2] He is the son of boxer Tony Mundine and is a member of the Bundjalung people.[3] Mundine has had a stormy relationship with the media.[4] His conversion to Islam in 1999, self-promotion and outspoken opinions have created a love-hate relationship with the Australian public[5] and he has been described as "the most polarising athlete in Australian sports history".[6]

Today Blake Ferguson and Anthony Mundine were seen praying together.

All I can say is you will not understand how beautiful this picture is until you know the story of what happened with these two♥

If you do not know who Blake is - He was a star Rugby League player who was
having one of the best seasons of his career this year until he was dumped from the NSW Origin Squad and sacked from his own team Canberra Raiders for indecent assault and problematic alcohol abuse. He hit an all time low and the media tarnished his image severely saying he does not deserve to wear a NSW jersey.

As soon as he was dropped from the NSW squad, his cousin Anthony Mundine (revert and champion boxer) wasted no time in rushing to his aid. He rocked up at the NSW hotel at 8 am in the morning and promised to stay by his side until things got better. He refused to label him as an alcoholic but rather said that he will help him get through to the other side, as he is only going through tough times.

 It is been a few months since then, and all I can say now is Alhamdulilah Allah has guided Blake through the simple act of kindness and compassion from our brother Mundine. These are true Islamic values to look out for your brother (Muslim or Non Muslim) whenever they are in need.

May Allah keep him steadfast and make his journey easy.

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